Woodworking & Timber Trade

History - a family company with tradition

1336/65  “ze windenbach“, the sawmill is mentioned for the first time in a book of the monastery Ellwangen.
1613 The first time that a new built “sawmill and a shed“ is mentioned (Public Record Archive Stuttgart H 156, Bd 79, fol 449).
1908 Karl Hirschbach and his wife Pauline buy from the predecessor Ostertag the whole property.
1943 Separation oft he sawmill from the grain mill with the connected agriculture. Karl Hirschbach II continues the sawmill.
1961 Bernd Hirschbach joins the company of his father Karl Hirschbach II and after some years of experience becomes managing director.
1979 Construction of the new chipper canter-line.
1983 Shut down of the grain mill.
1992 Conversion of the grain mill building into an office builidng for the Hirschbach company.
  Installation of an additional chipper canter and construction of a new, fully automatic sorting machine for main and side cuts.
1994 Claudia Hirschbach joins the company of her father Bernd Hirschbach and manages the company with him.
1997 Construction of further kiln-drying chambers and also of an additional stacking machine.
2001 Construction of a heated hall for storage of dried wood
2004 Construction of a large roof between fully automatic sorter machine and drying chambers.
2005 Birth of the fifth generation G. Hirschbach Swiers, daughter of Claudia and Ken Swiers.
  Construction of a canal coverage as additional storage space for logs.

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