Woodworking & Timber Trade

The Hirschbach sawmill - A family company
… with over 100 years of tradition, passion and extensive professional knowledge

The passion to innovate together with many years of tradition – we don‘t view these as a contradiction.
The Hirschbach company lives for modern woodworking and successfully unites its many
years of experience with modern approaches. We view ourselves as a flexible manufacturing
company which places great value on service and being in touch with its customers.

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saegewerk hirschbach Claudia Hirschbach is a strong advocate for a company philosophy which is shaped by
sustainability: “For generations we have maintained trusting cooperation with our lumber suppliers
and when dealing with customers we set great store by long-term relationships.

Hirschbach Claudia Hirschbach with her father Bernd Hirschbach

beginn hirschbach saegewerk... it all started 100 years ago

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